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The First One

Written by Annabelle Lawrence


Posted on June 08 2020

Hello everyone, Annabelle here!

I have to say I'm thrilled to be writing this blog post, not just because it’s the first time I’ve actually written anything about my business, but because my brain currently has about 50 tabs open and it’s finally time to empty the trash! (In the nicest way possible!)

As I’m sat in the car en route to shoot my latest collection, (I'm not anymore but it's been a busy couple of weeks) my sister as my model of course, mum on hand to assist and dad the trusty chauffeur, I’m reflecting on the pieces I’ve created and how the situation surrounding Covid-19 has compelled me to adjust my thought process. As an independent designer I've always been advised and thought it important to find my niche and stick to it, at least until I become more established. However, since swimwear isn't the most ideal market to be in right now, and we definitely don't have enough days of summer in the UK to justify a full new swim wardrobe, I wanted to create pieces that would fit with my brand ethos and style, but that would also suit the lockdown life we're currently leading; 2020 really is one to go down in history isn't it!

With plenty of other fashion brands naturally turning their focus to the likes of loungewear and 'WFH' fashion, I didn't want to follow suit and completely disregard my swim styles: introducing Co-Ord Kinis: flattering cycle shorts & crop tops with matching bikini bottoms and accessories, both a loungewear & a swimwear look. I've always been a lover of versatile pieces, especially when I'm travelling (gotta save room in that suitcase girl), but with such changeable weather here in the UK isn't it useful to have a matching pair of bikini bottoms to hand when the temperature tips to bikini-in-the-back-garden weather! 

Available in the popular pastel shades of summer, this collection is a true mix of comfortable, classy, sassy and of course no Annabelle Lawrence collection would be complete without a little sparkle...

As the first post I'm going to keep it short and sweet, but the idea of starting to write creatively again makes me feel like I've come full circle from the blog I used to write back in 2016: despite there already not being enough hours in the day I don't know how I'll find the time, but we'll make it work, it's a great feeling! I have plenty of ideas bouncing around my ever switched-on brain for future pieces and posts, written not only by myself but hopefully by some fabulous guest bloggers! I would also love to know what sorts of articles you as my friends, readers and hopefully customers would like to see, so please get in contact! 

Until next time! xx

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